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Google vs Facebook

As part of its study, The Verge conducted a survey directly comparing how Folks feel about
Google and Facebook in many Important areas.
The 2 companies are alike effective in communicating their privacy policies
Google is best at helping individuals manage their lives
Both companies do about Precisely the Same job at controlling exactly what advertisers could get
Both companies Are Usually good at letting users control their location info
Google is best at providing useful services
Facebook is best at helping people connect with friends and family They staged their classic, bookish wordmark to get a
Simpler and more modern sans-serif appearance. News of this shift hit on the Google
Website Tuesday morning, sending technology sites into a frenzy. And, actually, it’s been a lengthy
We utilize Google products all of the time here. However, as Google navigation and merchandise icons
Are becoming increasingly blank, flat and simple, the old-school emblem felt increasingly more
Like it simply would not die. Seeing the show, it’s tempting to wonder why it took a long time.
Due — Duh — Getting to ‘Simple’ Is Not Straightforward The fantasy that simplicity is simple. It had been seeping into our ideas, and thank
Goodness we caught it until it overtook us. As we all know, the simplest and most
Scalable brand solution is often the product of a Fantastic deal of unseen planning, and (We’ve had this conversation with clients prior to.)
Google Pixel Buds — This missing headphone jack direct us to the following of those
Firm’s product statements: a pair of wireless earbuds known as the Google Pixel
Headphone jack, while amping up the cool factor and providing some innovative
Produced by Apple-owned Beats.
Cord that curtains behind the head. Portions of this cable loop at either end to fit in either
Ear, together with the earpieces, to make certain that the attachment will not easily be dislodged.
Swipes control the quantity, and tapping plays and pauses.
Can Google know your website exists?
Perhaps you have submitted your Sitemap to Google?
If You Would like your website to show up in related search results, ya gotta be sure
Google understands your website exists.
A sitemap is basically like a street map for your website.
Google Search Console (aka Google Webmaster Tools) is a free tool Which Allows you to
Add/update your sitemap, monitor your website traffic, check in on the health of your own
Site, look up exactly what keywords people are using to find you, and seriously an entire lot
Google Trends:
I love this one for narrowing down my search engine optimization keywords. It lets you assess the popularity
Of keywords/keyphrases and compare them against other variations so you can select
Which one to concentrate your articles about.
Financial affairs; monetary affairs; electronic funds transfer; financial transaction
services; provision of electronic contactless payment services; financial transaction
Services, specifically, providing secure commercial transactions and payment options using
a mobile device; electronic credit card transaction processing, debit card services, pre-
Paid credit card services, specifically, processing electronic payments made via
Prepaid cards, processing electronic payment via pre-paid cards, and processing
Electronic payments made through loyalty cards; electronic payment, specifically, electronic
Processing and transmission of credit card transactions, wireless pockets, mobile
Pockets, electronic wallets, wireless credit, debit and pre-paid card transactions; credit
card and transaction processing terminal services using near field communication
(NFC) technology.

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